What People Are Saying

Not Your Ordinary Clock

The Stata Clock doesn't tell time, exchanging time for location, it shows you where the people in your life are located in real-time. Each hand represents a person and each segment of the clock face corresponding to a destination.

As the people in your life move throughout their day, the clock hands mimic their movements, traveling to and from destinations like “Work” and “Home.”

How It Works

The Stata Clock wall-hanging device works in conjunction with our Stata Clock mobile app. To get connected, simply download our app and share your locations. Our simple mobile experience uses minimal battery power and makes staying connected effortless.

Want a bit more privacy? Not a problem - privacy levels are set by each individual user. Best of all, you are in complete control of your data. We remove all location data from the cloud as soon as we send it to your clock and never keep it for more than 48 hours.

Fully Customizable

We know the Stata Clock will become a treasured piece in your home, which is why we have ensured the clock hands and faces are exchangeable. If you ever get tired of the current design, move, or redecorate, your clock can be easily upgraded and modified.

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